Our Rooms

Murder Motel

You run a down trodden motel situated on Route 70 on the outskirts of Pittsburg, Kansas.

People come and go. Some use it as a pit stop as they head to better things. Some stay far longer than they had ever expected.

Sam has been renting room 130 for some time now. He keeps himself to himself but that’s the way you prefer it.

Recently he has caught your attention. His rent hasn’t been paid for over a month and he has been keeping unsociable hours, disappearing for days on end, hiding in the shadows and bringing young girls back to his room late at night.

Enough is enough. You decide to investigate, letting yourself into his room one night just after you see him leave.

But do you really want to discover the secrets that are hidden inside room 130?

Puzzle Types: This room requires scavenging, the majority of puzzles are mental in nature.



Escape from Wonderland


Curiouser and curiouser. You awake to find yourself trapped in Wonderland once again with the Queen of Hearts after your head.

With your friends scared into hiding you need to uncover the clues to find them and then plan your escape before the Red Queen and her guards arrive.

This room is suitable for a younger audience, check out the FAQ page for more details on age appropriate rooms.

Puzzle Types: This room has more physical puzzles and less scavenging.